Protect Your Pet with Wifi Dog Fence

With the help of this reliable and hidden electronic fencing system, your pet will quickly learn to not leave the territory you have selected. The length of the collar is adjustable (from 20cm).

Principle of work

A wire hidden in the ground transmits a harmless radio signal when the dog approaches the border. In this case, the collar makes a warning sound (squeaks). If your dog continues to move closer to the boundary, the system will have an electrical impact that will cause the pet to quickly return.

Main functions

  • Proportional impulse affect – the closer your dog approaches the boundary, the stronger the electrical effect will be
  • Field width adjustment – allows you to precisely adjust the width of the signal field
  • Sound and visual indicators of wire breakage. So, if a wire buried in the ground breaks, a loud alarm sound will sound and the corresponding indicator will light up.
  • Determining the speed using the Anti-Run function – the faster your dog moves, the higher the level of impact intensity is given
  • Integrated lightning protection that protects the transmitter from power surges caused by lightning strikes
  • Multi-operational transmitter, which means that there is no limit on the number of collars that this system can control

Precautions or what to consider with this protection:

We know that there are a lot of Wifi Dog Fence models. But if we are talking about precautionary measures, then it should be borne in mind that the electronic fence, as well as just a collar with electrodes, requires precautions. And the seller of this invention does not bear responsibility for harm to your pet. Therefore, carefully study the precautionary measures before buying such an invention.

  • Keep in mind that dogs have an individual temperament and there is no way to 100% know how your dog will react to this device.
  • If in your opinion, the dog may be aggressive and/or it has had precedents of aggressive behavior, before using this product, you should consult with a certified animal behavior specialist.
  • The electronic collar is intended only for use with dogs.
  • Low battery charge may cause unstable operation of the device. Do not use the device if you assume that the battery is low.
  • Let your dog get used to the collar before you begin training. It is important that the animal perceives the collar as a normal object, and not as a controlling device.
  • Do not leave the collar on a dog for more than 12 hours a day.
  • Never perform a set procedure when the dog is wearing a collar.
  • The electronic collar should only be used under the close supervision of the dog owner.

Actually, if you do everything right, then you can not be afraid for the health of your dog. As well as not being afraid that he will be in trouble.