Digital Hamster Cages

Hamsters are very funny animals. And at the same time very nimble and agile. Therefore, the purchase of a reliable cage for these rodents is a rather necessary acquisition. Now in pet stores, you can find a variety of cells: with tunnels, ladders, wheels, exercises, etc. The cage is a classic place to keep a furry pet. And what if you buy not just a cage, but a digital house for a hamster?

What Cages People Buy most Often

Of course, you can go after the technology, but if the digital solution is too expensive for you, you can pay attention to the classic options of cells.

  • Cage with lattice walls. Now in the shops, you can find a huge variety of rodent cages. The price depends on the size and materials from which it is made. But It is worth noting that the minimum height for the cage should reach 25 cm. As for the length, then keep in mind that its smallest figure should not be less than 40 cm. climb them. The width between the rods should not be more than 0.5 mm. This is a necessary condition for the rodent not to run away from its house. As for the filling of the cell, then it all depends on your choice. But surely in the cage should be a feeder, drinking bowl, as well as toys for the animal. The best option is the wheel and the ladder.
  • Plastic cage. This decision will be relevant for dwarf hamster breeds, which practically do not climb along the walls, so the presence of a lattice for them is not necessary. But do not buy a narrow cage with high walls. It will be uncomfortable for the animal. The walls will begin to sweat, which will contribute to the development of bacteria in the home of your rodent. And the air inside these cells is not very well ventilated.
  • Glass tank or aquarium. A glass tank or aquarium is simply a tank with a mesh lid to prevent the hamster from escaping. This type of cage allows you to use a thicker layer of bedding if your hamster likes to dig in and is chewable.
  • Digital cage. This is true know-how, which allows your pet to feel as free as possible, with full air exchange, and the lack of walls. This is a kind of aviary, which gives the pet freedom but does not release it beyond the permissible limits.

How to choose the size of the enclosure?

For everything has its own criteria. If you want to buy a dwarf hamster, then it will be suitable for housing with such parameters: length approximately 50 cm, height within 25-30 cm, and width 30 cm. If you prefer the Syrian or the Golden hamster, it will feel most comfortable sizes: length – 50-60 cm, height, and width – about 40 cm.


Digital Hamster Cages